Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of hypnosis?
We welcome you to tap into the Innate Power Within through an
Hour of Power Hypnosis Session

Fear of Flying
With this Hypnosis Session, your practitioner will provide you with a brief overview of Hypnosis before you dive right into your
Hour of Power Hypnosis Session

Are you ready to regain your power to travel with a Fear of Flying Hour of Power Hypnosis Session? If you experience fear around flying, you are not alone. Hypnosis has been widely used for an array of fears and this is for sure a powerful one. This is a very common phobia with 1 in 10 people experiencing variations of this fear. This seemingly irrational fear was created by our subconscious minds with the intention of keeping us safe. Protecting us is the main purpose of our subconscious minds, and if we have had strong negative emotional reactions to situations that we may have heard about or have seen on tv & movies that have to do with flying, we have created a belief through default. Despite flying being one of the safest ways to travel, this fear still affects much of the population. 
If you are ready to take that trip that you have always dreamt of or would like to minimize the need for medication during traveling, this method is right for you!

After your session, you will receive tools to further implement this positive change and growth throughout your everyday life!