Group Past Life Regression / Cambridge, MA 3/13

Group Past Life Regression / Cambridge, MA 3/13

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Join Cosmic Connection for a night to remember...
Past Life Regression
Heal your past, create your future
This session will be done in a group setting. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket if you wish. You will be seated in a supportive chair for the duration of the Past Life Regression
Experience the power of Hypnosis to unlock past lives that will provide you with insight and reason behind the recurring issues that you experience in this lifetime
What are Past Lives? 
Have you ever had the feeling that you have been here before? Deja-vu? Past lives are the doorway into our immortal essence. Discover the lives that you have lived and the stories that you will be able to objectively experience. Your subconscious mind will bring forth the lives and memories that will provide you with the most benefit in your current life situation.
We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes, and relationship dynamics from prior lives into our current lifetime
By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, we can release or diffuse the energy and emotional blockages that keep us stuck.


 Dante Alighieri

41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA


* Pre-registration is required. Limited Space Available. Purchase your ticket ahead of time and present your name at the door for entry *