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This FREE DOWNLOAD includes a professionally crafted Hypnosis Session

"Safe and Peaceful Sleep"

20 minutes - Play this recording for your child at nap-time, or when they are ready to go to bed for the night to allow for a peaceful transition into sleep, releasing cares, worries, and anxiety

To inquire about one-on-one "virtual" session for your child, please email us at

Children are naturally very curious and their daily lives are filled with the need to discover the world around them. Most children are used to having a routine in their lives and if this is affected, it may cause them anxiety and insecurity. 

Hypnosis is a very effective and natural way to introduce beneficial therapy into your child's life. Children are much more open to the benefits of Hypnosis because they are operating full time in a "hypnotic state". This means, that from the ages of 0-12, they are in Theta & Alpha brainwave states, recording everything that they experience as truth. 

The subconscious mind soaks up repeated messages as truth. A child hears an average of 10,000 hours of messages about who they are, what they are capable of and what their options are, by the time they grow up. This then becomes the perception that they have about themselves and the world around them. 

Anxiety is an unfortunate reality for most children. Using hypnosis for anxiety treatment can be a very effective and rapid response approach. Our anxieties come from a nervous system response in our psyche to a specific situation or stimuli; this is especially true for children. If a parent is reacting to a certain situation with anxiety, the child will automatically respond and mirror the reaction. 

Unlike adults, who are fully developed mentally, it can be much more difficult to “train” these reactions out of children using traditional therapy methods. Children often have difficulty understanding their emotions and how to process them in a healthy way, as a result, they can have a hard time learning how to get past these anxieties on their own.

Rather than trying to teach them conscious behaviors to overcome anxiety, such as breathing exercises and other coping mechanisms that take much practice and time, hypnosis instills an automatic subconscious response in the child that is immediate. That way, they are changing their body’s natural reactions to such stimuli without the stress and confusion of dealing with traditional therapy.