Past Life Regression / March Special Price
Past Life Regression / March Special Price

Past Life Regression / March Special Price

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Have you become aware of the ever-present patterns in life and are seeking answers? Through Past Life Regression, we gain insight and clarity on the issues that face us today. If you have a desire to heal deep emotional blockages and wounds in a gentle and safe way, this is the right therapy for you.
Throughout this session, your practitioner will guide you into a therapeutic state where you will have access to your past lives, future lives, and life between lives. We carry this information within our fields at all times, in a state of hypnosis, you will learn how to become familiar with these intuitive insights and your connection to them will become stronger each time you practice. Your practitioner will make sure to provide you with plenty of take-home tools to ensure that this session is the catalyst for your own self-discovery.
What are Past Lives? Have you ever had the feeling that you have been here before? Deja-vu? Past lives are the doorway into our immortal essence. Discover the lives that you have lived and the stories that you will be able to objectively experience. Your practitioner will guide you into a protected state which will allow for a safe way to process and transmute the fear from past experiences in this lifetime and others. YOU hold the key to your innate potential and it is our mission to empower and support you throughout this process.
Your session will be recorded and sent home with you