Spiritual Guidance Session
Spiritual Guidance Session

Spiritual Guidance Session

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"Awakening isn't the end...it's the beginning"
So you woke up...now what?
Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening can be a very isolating and intense experience. Everything that you once had known, may not feel the same as it used to. As you go through this intense shift, it is important to have positive resources and tools to help keep you grounded and centered. As your gifts enhance, it is helpful to understand what is unfolding and how you can access them more directly. 
What to expect:
By means of Spiritual Coaching, Samantha will be assisted by her intuition and guides to provide you with helpful insight that can greatly accelerate your knowledge and understanding of the process you are experiencing. Throughout this session, you will learn steps to benefit the observing of your reality and how to shift your perspective with the goal of releasing all that no longer serves you. This will allow you to be more in touch with your innate wisdom and power to begin re-writing the story of YOU! 

30 Minutes Session
60 Minutes Session
*Available in-person or ONLINE*