Virtual ~ Online Session ~ Free Consultation

Virtual ~ Online Session ~ Free Consultation

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If you are ready to experience the power of Hypnosis in the comfort of your home, book yourself a -

Virtual ~ Online Hypnosis Session ~ Free Consultation

We believe that alternative care should be available in the comfort of your very own home. The great thing about Hypnosis is that it doesn't have to be hands-on, allowing it to be experienced remotely. 

Things to consider about Virtual Online Hypnosis Sessions

  • Must have a stable phone/internet connection 
  • Access to Skype or Google Duo (video calling)
  • Able to have privacy for the duration of your session with no distractions
  • Headphones that link to your phone or tablet/laptop

This is a 15-minute meeting that will be held over Skype or Google Duo

An intake form will be sent over once you book your consultation, this is conveniently provided through an online form.

During your consultation, you will have a live one on one meeting with your practitioner, who will go over your intake form and reasons for seeking Hypnosis. Make sure to have any questions or concerns ready for your consultation session. Your consultation session will not include hypnosis.

Please make sure to reserve a time and space where you will have no distractions, this is the most important aspect of remote sessions. Hypnosis is just as effective remotely as it is in person. 

After your consultation, your practitioner will put together a customized session or session plan based on your specific needs. We believe that Hypnosis is not a long term process. Within just a few sessions, it is possible that you will have the tools that you need to achieve success and peace of mind. After each session, you will receive a "Booster" recording for you to listen to as often as you wish to re-activate the benefits of your session.